Awesome Multi-Interest Modeling Paper List:

Disadvantages: New sequences cannot be fused, and new sequences need to recalculate all representations on the entire sequence


Main Idea:

1 The premise is sequence modeling, and the main purpose is to solve the problem of time-consuming sequence model inference and large storage overhead.

2 The core is to cancel the calculation of attention by DIEN in the sequence, so that the calculation of item representation and user representation is separated.

3 The reason why multiple interests are introduced is that based on the above ideas, if only one vector is used as a user representation is too weak, and users naturally have multiple interests, it is more intuitive to use multiple vectors to represent.


The past work of multi-interest modeling has not solved the problem of multi-interest adaptive update (incremental update of model parameters is not considered). If you simply give a large interest number K at the beginning, most of the previous work has proved that the performance of the model will decrease when K is very large, which shows that such a crude method is not feasible. (It takes a while to input the entire sequence to retrain the model)